Real career pathways and mentors for high school students completing years 10-12 in Australia.


Clearly defined pathways to ever-changing modern career options. Students can incorporate our site into their subject selection and career planning.


Our mentors provide an independent source of career inspiration and a contact point in their chosen industry to ask questions and receive advice.


We present established pathways to a modern working world in a way that resonates with your students.



Your Working World provides high school students an opportunity to discover the job market and connect them to mentors with real pathways and experience in their areas of interests. 

So often those who achieve the most success attribute it to having mentors to guide them. The unfortunately reality is that high school students are required to make career defining choices during their schooling without adequate support. Often students lack meaningful awareness of the jobs and opportunities available to them, while at the same time having limited independent figures to provide relevant and ongoing career advice.

Your Working World is designed to be an additional resource utilised by students, parents and teachers together, to help facilitate the transition between secondary schooling and the workforce without the limitations of physical career markets. Students use our search features to find and review mentor profiles, anonymously ask questions in a public forum and discuss the real pathways they see with their teachers in subject selection meetings.

We are always on the lookout for mentors, if you have 15 minutes and a desire to help the next generation, we may be for you - see more on our Mentors tab!



Mentors assist students in the transition from high school to workforce by providing information on their pathway, their day to day role and other useful advice!

Mentors are encouraged to provide students with information on their pathway, including their study and work history, industry memberships, work environment and employment opportunities to empower students to make the right decision for their future.

In return, mentors receive the satisfaction of knowing the next generation of workers are well set up with the fundamental skills and understanding of the world they are about to enter. See more info on our mentors tab, or SIGN UP TODAY!

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